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Testimonies (still building)

"My company, Lisa Young Lee Inc. Luxury Collection of Healing Gemstones has been working with Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko and DPA GROUP  for almost a year now and have been in her Pre-Golden Globes DPA Gift  Suite, DPA Cannes Gifting Lounge and also next month's PreAwards Gift  Suite. Everything about Nathalie and her work is genuine. Nathalie pays  attention to all the details and works very hard for all her clients.

Nathalie knows this industry very well and has many amazing contacts.  If you want to get your brand into the hands of Hollywood and around  the globe, be mentioned in the media and press, and to be worn and used  by celebrities, you must work with DPA GROUP

 Here's my own experience with being a brand in her suites: celebrities  were seen wearing my products on national tv (the Jimmy Kimmel Show), on  the Golden Globes red carpet, my company has been in the media and  press (both globally and locally), I was interviewed by CBC Radio twice,  full page newspaper articles, I was interviewed for LA NBC News, stars  are wearing my products in their Instagram posts, stars wearing my  products in French Magazines, and not only that, up and coming hot stars  were introduced to my brand as well! 

For a start-up company  like mine, working with Nathalie and the DPA Group is the best return on  investment that I have made. Period. 

All the coverage and  attention that I received has helped bring in business for my luxury  brand. When your business is a luxury brand with high-end prices, you  need to get your brand into the hands of the people who enjoys and  appreciates luxury goods and to get the attention from the rest of the  world.

Thank you Nathalie for doing what you do and for "creating  art"–by gracefully inviting unique brands from around the world and  bringing in artists who are being acknowledged for their talent."


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